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John is a dedicated and enthusiastic educator with over 20 years teaching experience in private, group, and classroom settings.  Currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Music at Wichita State University in Wichita, KS, his classes include jazz piano lessons, jazz history, jazz arranging, and world music.  In 2010 he designed and implemented the first online world music course at Wichita State University.    Previously he has taught at the University of Colorado-Denver, Southwestern College (Winfield, KS) and McPherson College (McPherson, KS).

John maintains an independent piano studio with students of all ages and abilities.  His private students have the opportunity to study jazz and improvisation in addition to traditional classical materials.

He earned an MM in Piano Performance at Wichita State University in July 2001.  He also has a background as a percussionist having taught and played professionally for over 20 years.   He earned a BM in Percussion Performance at Wichita State University in May 1995.  

His piano teachers include Dr. Andrew Trechak, Robert Spillman, Eric Gunnison, Celia Goering, Andy Laverne, David Hazeltine, Chucho Valdez, Rebecca Mauleon, among others.     

His percussion teachers include Dr. J.C. Combs, Matt Wilson, Michael Spiro, Max Roach, Ignacio Berroa, Jim Chapin, and many others.

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